Prospector of Lost Faith  

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Stone Prayer Symbol
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Onyx Symbol of Serilis
Obsidian Symbol of Serilis
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This is the second quest in the Brell Serilis Deity quest line.

Bronlor Stormhammer now wants you to announce that Brell has returned to Butcherblock Mountains. He sends you to the following locations:

  • Globbsunks Cove ( 674, 23, 253 )
  • Entrance to Kaladim ( -171, 162, -515 )
  • Tidesylph Isle ( 567, 29, -119 )
  • Camp Yarpsnarl ( -793, 100, -323 )
  • Kamp Krulkiel ( 202, 261, -421 )
  • Kragploom Mesa ( 479, 350, -165 )
  • Chessboard ( -836, 101, -21 )

Once this is done, return to Bronlor. He will now ask you to go and find an item called the Chalice of Hope. It is located within The D'Vinnian Throne at the top of Crushbone Keep. This is the heroic part of the quest (if you are not a high enough level to grey out the zone). Make your way to the instance and then proceed as follows:

  1. On entry, hail Lady Elizara D'Kush.
  2. After you speak to her, she'll disappear, and two mobs will spawn. Kill them.
  3. Head through the door and look out for watchful sentries. These have keys that you need to progress through the zone. When you kill them, a message will appear on-screen to tell you that you found the key.
  4. As you proceed through the rooms (Necromatic Chamber, Gladiator Training Hall, and a few others), you will finally reach Ograf the Deft ( -60, -9, -180 ) . Once you kill him, the zone timer will be set, and you will not be able to enter for 18 hours He will also drop a key.
  5. Go down the last hall on the left from where you killed Ograf, open the door. The last 3 mobs are General V'Narr, Lieutenant B'Oreth and Lieutenant D'Bryth. They are linked together. Kill them for another key.
  6. Kill yet ANOTHER watchful sentry for the final key ( 58, -9, -93 )
  7. Now you can find Emperor D'Vinn and Lady D'Kush ( 53, -9, -157 ). D'Vinn will spawn 4 guardians, level 35 (1 arrow up). Kill them.
  8. After a short respite, Vindicator Crush will pop, level 35 (3 arrows up). Kill him. Once you kill him, D'Vinn and D'Kush converse, then disappear.
  9. Grab the Chalice of Hope - It's to the right of the throne if you are facing it. ( 46, -8, -172 , NOTE: Chalice does not respawn, but if multiple group members have the quest all will get the update as soon as one gets the chalice.)

(Note: If the zone is grey, you do not need to fight d'vinn's guardians or crush. you can grab the chalice and run)

Now all that is done, leave the zone (there are portals in the side rooms) and return to Bronlor Stormhammer in Butcherblock Mountains for your reward.

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