In Search of the Sepulcher of Jahnda  

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Min Coin: 11s, 40c
Max Coin: 11s, 67c
Guinders Sepulcher Notes

The quest is initiated by Gillin Blackfist in Vermin's Snye.

  1. Speak with Mirf Guinders on the treed hill south of the Claymore Plaza Qeynos Capitol District 295, -12, 86 ..
  2. Mirf Guinders will then send you back to Vermin's Snye to collect 3 Jade Golem Crystals. These can be obtained in Vermin's Snye by killing the following mobs:
    • a festering zombie
    • a crumbling tomb sentry
    • a crumbling tomb guard
    • a crumbling tomb priest
  3. You then hand these in to Mirf Guinders in Qeynos Capitol District 295, -12, 86 who sends you out to kill the Ayamia the Rat Queen in the Northeast corner of Vermin's Snye. in the room with large tomb vermin.
    • You might also be given a different version of the quest which sends you to the Tomb of Varsoon.
  4. Kill Ayamia the Rat Queen and you will receive a key.
  5. Visit the Central Stairwell in Vermin's Snye
  6. Find the Alcove with the painting of the Coldwind Coast Cliffs 187, -7, -90 .
  7. You must then find the main mausoleum called Sepulcher of the Prime Healer 187, -7, -91 . You my be jumped by a group of undead.
  8. After this you must go to the Tomb of Lord Tonmerk in the Vermin's Snye at 252, -6, -119 . Click to enter.

This quest gives you access to The Sepulcher of Jhanda. You can only enter once per 8 hours. After completing the zone an NPC will spawn. It is unclear if some players can get a quest completion from him or not. You can kill him for AA.

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