A Stone from Home  

CategoryGraystone Yard
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Mav's Stone
Min Coin: 24c
Max Coin: 27c
Kaladim Path Stone

Mav Boilfist, near the dock in Graystone Yard, has another quest for you after you finish the A Package Quest quest.

She wants you to take her stone near the Stone of Kaladim to see what happens. Find the Stone (897, -20, -114) and examine the Mav's Stone in your inventory. When you do, it says you hear the sounds of hammers and chisels working on stone, and the low hum of an ancient dwarven work song. Return to Mav and she says the spirit of Kaladim is strong in you, and she wants you to meet her husband. Your reward is a Kaladim Path Stone and the next quest in the series, A Missing Husband.

A Package Qeynos Villages
Quest Series
Race: Dwarf
Greystone Yard
A Missing Husband
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