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Hilt of Vensidious
Blade of Vensidious
Tip of Vensidious

Ixiel drops from Ione the Lifebringer in Kurn's Tower: Breaching the Void. Examine it to obtain this quest.

  1. Find the blade of Vensidious.
    • Fens of Nathsar: On the large island of ice, on the far north of the map, click a box near -2645, -410, -2671 . Should be able to get update without aggro.
  2. Find the tip of Vensidious.
  3. Find the hilt of of Vensidious.
    • Palace of the Ancient One raid zone: first wing south section there is a blue shiny clicky around -40, 0, 114 .
  4. The Deep Forge heroic zone:
    • click the forge.
  5. Reexamine Ixiel to complete the quest. Make sure you have a strong group or two before talking to Ixiel because he will spawn an epic x2 mob. Also keep in mind that the x2 will target lock to you, so plan on tanking.

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