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Sootfoot Boom Rock
Sootfoot Boom Rock
Min Coin: 18g, 29s, 27c
Max Coin: 19g, 32s, 30c
Choice Of:
Wand of the Wish Master
Warlord's Bow of Runes
Shattered Land Focus Wand
Wanderer's Worn Recurve Bow
Shattered Land Satchel
Faction Changes:

Game Update #51
Elements of Corruption
Live: March 31, 2009
To complete this quest, you will need between 6 and 18 basic coal from any Fuel Merchant.

Smapty has given you a recipe for Sootfoot Boom Rocks. Scribe this (it's only level 2).

For each combine you need 1 lava rock, 2 danger sticks, 1 coarse ash, and 3 basic coal, and it makes 1-3 Boom Rocks. If you totally suck at crafting it will take you 6 combines to get the 6 you need.

First, take the horse to Najena and head to the Shrine of Thunder. Speak with Pyrissa Flamecog to get 12 danger sticks.

Then, head through the tunnel from the beach and start checking Sootfoot Carts for the lava rocks you need. One is at -319.33, -130.07, 399.31 and will give you 2 lava rocks. You need 3-6.

As for the coarse ash, you can find it at -303.00, -129.80, 425.28 . This is right next to the Sootfoot Forge and you'll get 2 per harvest. You need 3-6.

However, you also need coal from any Fuel Merchant. If you have no quicker way to travel, head out to the Isle of Mara (you get to it from the Docks in Nektulos Forest) and talk to Ulgofar Wisme. He's in the building closest to the spot on the docks you zoned in at, and you need 6-18 coal.

Take all these ingredients and make the bombs at any Sootfoot Forge. As long as you hit pristine, you'll only need to craft twice (Pristine makes 3, you need 6). Once done, get the horse back to the Goblet of Ro and give the rocks to Smapty to finish the quest.

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Sootfoot Talent Society
Flaming Glob Grab
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Yes, this quest gives negative faction. The Sootfoot Talent Society is strange; the worse your faction, the better they treat you.

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