Mending a Broken Land  

CategoryThe Sundered Frontier
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Arena Master's Token
Kerra Shaman's Token
Mark of Manaar
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This quest is given by Elder Shahib Zaim in the Hall of the Fell Blade in The City of Paineel. You must be at least level 90 to receive this quest.

  1. After speaking to Elder Zaim, head to Kerra Isle and speak with Keyta Wicker at 1374.80, 49.89, 2196.34 .
    1. She will give you a quest: A Message with Spirit
    2. Do this quest and then return to Keyta Wicket.
  2. Head to the Hua Mein village and speak with Shi'jan Sensou in the caves at -415, 278, 3209 .
    1. He will lead you into the Arena and give you the Into the Arena quest.
    2. Talk with Shi'jan Sensou again.
  3. Kill 10 a Toxxuila guardian or a Toxxuila winged sentinel around 275.32, 125.78, 2748.86 .
  4. After all that, return to Elder Shahib Zaim to receive your reward.

Note: This is the Mark of Manaar quest.

Once you complete this you get a slightly different version as a repeatable.

The Sundered Frontier
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The Never Ending Mending of a Broken Land
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