The Tallon Plunder Chests  

This quest is given by Hammer in Zek after you complete the Mettle Testing and Short Range Patrol quests. You must visit the same locations as in the Short Range Patrol quest, but this time you must find all the chests at these locations. They are at:

  • Tower Ruins: Tower to east of fort as you leave the gates at 219.99, -40.19, +205.60
  • East Catapult: Just outside of town at 441.89, -23.91, 131.71
  • West Catapult: Just outside of town at 585.82, -26.72, 91.07
  • Wreck of Q.S.S. Stormbear: In water near docks at 469.69, -65.95, 491.64
  • Grove of Stones: Druid Ring at 165.66, 14.13, 117.87

After finding the chests return to Hammer. He will then send you out to kill 5 Tallon Grunts outside of town.

The reward is coin and experience. This also opens up the Keys for Hammer quest.

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