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CategoryKylong Plains
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Related Items:
undamaged drachnid leg
undamaged drachnid thorax
undamaged drachnid abdomen
Min Coin: 6g, 88s, 19c
Max Coin: 7g, 97s, 22c
Faction Changes:

Charleston Gnomegomery, while upset about his brother's demise, wants to continue his research. He needs undamaged drachnid parts.

  1. Collect the following:
    • 8 undamaged drachnid legs
    • an undamaged drachnid thorax
    • an undamaged drachnid abdomen
  2. Return to Charleston

These are all no trade body drops, and do not drop every time.

The Curious Badge Kylong Plains
Quest Series
Dreg's Landing
Faction: Residents of Teren's Grasp
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