A Message for Kitty  

Grants AA
CategoryThundering Steppes
Related Zones:
Min Coin: 5s, 67c
Max Coin: 5s, 97c
Choice Of:
Lion Stalker's Armlet
Lion Charmer's Armlet
Lion Soother's Armlet
Lion Wrestler's Armlet

Amy Bhorgese at Qeynos Tower 3 in Thundering Steppes is looking for her half sister Kitty. She will send you to a number of locations in an attempt to find her.

  1. First she sends you to check the Ruins of Karana in the Thundering Steppes -231, 0, 554 . Do so and return to Amy.
  2. Then she sends you to check the Archer's Wood in Antonica -689.81, -8.21, 460.97 . After you have visited it return to Amy.
  3. She then sends you to the Behemoth Pond in the Nektulos Forest. You will find Kitty Valencia south of there at -213, 0, -104 . Speak to her and return to Amy for your reward.

Thundering Steppes
Quest Series

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