Water, Water, Everywhere  

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Min Coin: 4g, 80s, 10c
Max Coin: 4g, 95s, 30c

This is the third in a series of quests from Penny Dreadful on Whisperwind Isle in the Barren Sky.
It is given after you complete the quest Spare Change.

"Penny's brother Ohzo Dreadful was challenged to a water drinking contest be a Strifewing. Apparently, only a drink of water from the Isle of Awakening can save him."

First you fly to the Isle of Awakening and go to the Pool of the Awakened at ( 200, 200, 475 ) . Take an invis totem if you can't invis yourself (the mobs don't see invis) to get there.

Next, you have to go to the Isle of Desolation to find Ohzo. He is located north of the landing platform at ( 331, 289, -693 ) . You talk to him and then have to go to Tenebrous Tangle to gather water from the foot of the falls in the hidden refuge at ( 81, 21, 174 ) . Just jump down (don't die) and you'll get the update. Now, you can fly from Tenebrous Landing directly to Hidden Refuge without jumping off the falls.
After this return to Ohzo.

Ohzo will reward you with some coin and a loose feather which you can examine to start a new quest - A Feather For Your Thoughts.

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