Of Spells and Swords  

This quest series is only available to level 80+ Mages.

Speak to Foci Tamara Paust at 18, -34, -148 on the lower level of the Academy of Arcane Science in North Freeport to begin this quest.

  1. Speak to Grand Duke Lazarus Hazran at 142, -7, 124 on the second level of the Freeport Militia House, West Freeport.
  2. Head to the basement of the militia house. You'll be attacked as you reach the final staircase down.
  3. Speak to Savant Keza at 172, -23, 137 .
  4. Go to the jail cell area and click on the door to the lower dungeons at 132, -26, 141 .
  5. Kill your way down and open up the jail cells to collect the 5 arcane items.
  6. Return to Savant Keza. Take her to the Academy of Arcane Science.
  7. Return to Foci Tamara to complete the quest.

If you have also completed all of your main storyline quests in Freeport: Speak to Cleerie Germinas in East Freeport to be given the final reward quest, Your Eternal Reward.


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