The Mark of the Adumbrate  

Kai Vhri'Jah in the Feerrott -112, 14, 204 gives this quest. It gives access to the Obelisk of Lost Souls via the Feerrott entrance.

The first step is to kill a Lizardman Mage in a temple to retrieve the first piece of the mark. The NPC you must kill is the Evol Ritualist inside of the Temple at the Eye of Thule -321, -1.3, 834 . He is the last mob of a ring event. The ring consists of:

  1. mob x 2 with Eye of Thule.
  2. Constractor x 5 in the temple.
  3. Lizardman x 3.
  4. Ritualist and 2 followers. (level 40)

After doing this return to Kai Vhri'Jah. He then asks you to find Therik Mu'Sah and ask him about the second mark. He spawns at the Obelisk of Vul in the Feerrott after you talk to Kai and is called the Shadow of Therik -953, 12, 495 . Kill him and return to Kai. (Note: The shadow of Therik pops after you kill the mobs in the ring event at the eye. Unfortunately you have to go back to quest npc the first time and by the time you get to obelisk of vul someone may have killed him. Do the ring event again and go straight to vul and he should be there.)

Kai will send you to find yet another part in the Feerrott. This one comes from a named a Tae Ew Shifter and spawns at -1301, 5, 693 , or at -1305, 21, 771 , or at -1010, -6.4, 720 , or at -1218, 2.46, 746, or at -714, -1.23, 849 or -695.52, -0.88, 849.63 or -1288, 4, 678 after you speak with Kai.

After obtaining the third piece return to Kai and give them to him. This will spawn the end boss. He is a large shadowed man named Kai Vhri. Killing him can result in six lore and amulets which are the reward of the quest or in none at all, in addition to the access.

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