A Frostfell Favor  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
Min Coin: 41s, 65c
Max Coin: 46s, 72c
A Frostfell Carol
Choice Of:
green starry Frostfell elf cap
Regal Frostfell Wrap
Regal Snowfall Cape
Frostfell Cloak
Docile Ice Slurry

As of 2013 players must first complete A Deepice Mystery before this quest will be available.

Speak to Mr. McScroogle at 342, -30,- 1395 in Frostfell Wonderland Village to begin this quest. It is repeatable once per year.

Throughout the quest your dialogue choices during conversations will not change how the story plays out. Have fun with it!

I have been hired by Mr. McScroogle, the owner of the McScroogle Corporation, to take over his Frostfell responsibilities. Apparently, every Frostfell for the past twenty years Mr. McScroogle has been visited by ghosts who try to make him a better person. He said he would pay me handsomly if I possessed his body for the duration of Gifting Day Eve.

The Past

Once you tell McScroogle you are ready he teleports you to McScroogle's Boudoir where you first encounter Gwenda Gurgley Gigglegibber, the Ghost of Frostfell Past.

  1. Speak to Gwenda, who then takes you to McScroogle's Past to learn a lesson in caring from his ex-girlfriend.
  2. Speak to Lani Cogspinner ( 2, -0.49, 0.45 ) .
  3. After getting your quest update, speak to Gwenda and return to the boudoir. ( 14, -0.50, -6 )

The Present

Upon returning to the boudoir, you now encounter Gergus Gigglegibber, the Ghost of Frostfell Present.

  1. Speak to Gergus, who then takes you to Bobby Kritchat's House to learn a lesson in being kind and giving.
  2. Find out what is making the Kritchat family sad and upset.
    1. Walk over to Tiny Jim, who is by the Frostfell tree.
    2. Walk over to Bobby Kritchat, who is at the table.
    3. Walk over to Grandma Shawna, who is at the stove.
    4. Walk over to Grandpa Jack, who is at the heater between the beds.
  3. Share some of Mr. McScroogles belongings with the family.
    1. Return to the tree Tiny Jim. Right-click and examine the Package in your inventory to give the family some Gifting Day presents.
    2. Return to the table by Bobby Kritchat. Click on the dishes on the table to clean them.
    3. Return to the stove by Grandma Shawna. Right-click and examine the Pre-Cooked Frostfell Turkey in your inventory to give the family a turkey dinner.
    4. Click quickly and repeatedly on the heater by Grandpa Jack many times to get it to light. Messages will pop up in your chat window stating how close it is so keep going until your quest updates on this step.
  4. After doing everything above, speak to Gergus Gigglegibber and return to the boudoir. ( -4, 0.75, -13 )

The Future

These icicles take you out of the maze.
These icicles take you out of the maze.
Back in the boudoir you will encounter Gilby Gigglegibber, the Ghost of Frostfell Future.

  1. Speak to Gilby, who then takes you to The Future to learn McScroogle's fate if he continues along his current path.
  2. You will be given a few abilities--arrange them on your hotbar and be prepared to use them.
  3. The Future is a maze with several creatures that scale to your level within it. The object is to reach the center of the maze, which accomplished by generally keeping the zone wall to your left (enter the maze from the northeast to accomplish this).
    • See the map for this zone at EQ2Map.
    • Though not necessary at all, you can listen to the various NPCs in the maze to see what they think of McScroogle.
  4. Click on the gravestone in the center of the maze at -659, -18, -300 .
  5. Directly north of the gravestone is a bunch of fallen icicles. ( -660,-19,-305 ) Click on the center of them to be taken back to the maze's entrance.
  6. Once you have returned to the front of the maze you can speak to Gilby, who returns you to the entrance of Frostfell Wonderland Village.
  7. Return to and speak with Mr. McScroogle to complete the quest. Regardless of your dialogue choices the reward stays the same.


You will always receive:

Also the choice of one of the following:

Removed Rewards (found on Frostfell Vendors as of 2013)

A Deepice Mystery Frostfell
Quest Series
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Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

Introduced for Frostfell 2006.

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