Chel'dok's Fiery Cinch  

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Chel'dok's Fiery Cinch

This quest is part 6 of 13 for the Fabled version of the Conjuror-only Epic Weapon, Elemental Dominance.

  1. Go to the scrying pool room in Karnor's Castle at -47,-56,104
    • From the entrance go straight through the first room cross the bridge and take a left, climb up the first stairs and take a left into the courtyard.
    • From the courtyard, go to the door straight across (named to your left careful) you can cast invisibility to get past the skeletons.
  2. Click on the pool (clicking the pool breaks invisibility) and a water construct will appear.
    • Use the Query Elemental and Dominate Element abilities on it. (you will have to use the abilities several times on the same construct until you finally dominate it and the named pops)
    • Continue Dominating the elemental and eventually a named ^^^ will pop.
    • Kill it, and retrieve the Cinch.

Moonglow Conjuror Epic Weapon
Quest Series
The Sphere of Containment
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