Bark Like a Gnoll  

Grants AA
Level100 (Scales)
Started ByChirannite Threat Totem
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Chirannite Threat Totem

This is the quest to learn to speak the gnoll language. It is initialized by examining a Chirannite Threat Totem. These are randomly dropped on the corpses of any gnoll in any places that gnolls reside like Blackburrow, Antonica, The Shattered Vale and the Thundering Steppes, The Caves, The Sundered Splitpaw, The Pillars of Flame and The Sinking Sands.

Please Note: These totems are corpse drops not chest drops so gnolls will drop these even if the con grey.

You will then need to obtain 5 more Chirannite Threat Totems and examine each of them. After you have all five you will be able to speak and understand gnollish.

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