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Grants AA
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Purplish Crystal
Min Coin: 36g, 79s, 48c
Max Coin: 39g, 88s, 53c
Void Shard
Faction Changes:

Game Update #51
Elements of Corruption
Live: March 31, 2009

  1. Go back to the Temple of Solusek Ro.
  2. Marathan Allim has given you an item called Purplish Crystal. Use this to summon and possess a Void Stalker. The possession has a 25-minute duration, but if you run out of time just re-use the crystal and continue. As the Stalker you have 12.5k health and 5.3k mana, and 6 abilities:
    • Auto-Attack
    • Marathan's Angst: Procs 208-254 heat when damaged, 10 triggers
    • Solusek's Flame: Stun for 6 secs., 667-1174 heat
    • Void Plasma: 344-575 magic dmg + 269-500 magic dmg/5 secs DoT
    • Blaze of Will: 398-675 heat dmg DD
    • Draw Plasma: Heal self for 1131-1382
  3. You are looking for "a void-touched infiltrator". Kill 12 of those. They have one Debuff they will use, Foul Mist, which decreases DPS by 13.9 and inflicts 349-582 divine damage.
  4. Once done, cancel the possession to return to your body, and return to Marathan Allim to receive your reward: a Void Shard!

Your Void Stalker is classified as a pet, soi if you are a pet class, all your pet buffs from spells, AA, and items will apply zone-wide to your stalker!

Be sure to keep Marathan's Angst up at all times as 15-20% of your DPS comes from that reactive buff, alone! As far as your active attacks goes, 35% of your damage output comes from Solusek's Flame.

Don't bother waiting for health or power, just cancel the Become the Stalker ability from the Purplish Crystal, re-cast and get back to the killing. Recast on the Purplish Crystal is 4 minutes 23 seconds, so just don't do it more often that that!

NOTE: This quest is repeatable, although it is not marked as such. If you speak with Marathan after completing the quest, he tells you to come back after the temple has had a chance to replenish. Every completion gives you coin, more faction, and another Void Shard.

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