Freeport City Patrol  

Level100 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:

Speak to Sergeant Daimyo in The City of Freeport (East) at -126, -38, 0 .

  1. Patrol the area near the amphitheater and watch for street fights. You'll find a fight going on at -73, -24, 135 .
  2. Hail one of the fighters, and they'll both attack you. Kill them.
  3. Patrol the area on the dock in East Freeport behind the tent. You'll find another pair of fighters at -304, -56, 109 . Hail one of them and kill them.
  4. Return to Sergeant Daimyo to complete the quest.

Longshadow Alley Patrol Freeport Betrayal and Citizenship
Quest Series
Evil Aligned City to Freeport
DR-90 Turn In
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