Blessings of Growth: Steamfont  

This quest can no longer be started in game.
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Blessing of Growth: Steamfont

This is one of several Druid Portal quests that can be completed that allow a Druid (Warden & Fury) to open a portal to the ancient druid rings around the land.

This quest starts by harvesting a "Blessed Shrubbery" which is located inside the druid ring in Steamfont Mountains (17.68,92.45,1273.88). Once you harvest it, the quest begins.

Next, you must visit your Portal Trainer in your home city. (Qeynosians will find theirs in North Qeynos, near the Floating Priest Temple) Talk to the portal trainer to get your update and receive a "Blessing of Growth".

Take the blessing of growth back to the druid ring that you harvested from, and use it from your inventory to complete the quest, and unlock the ability to open a portal to that ring.

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