A Family Recipe  

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Min Coin: 24c
Max Coin: 27c

this is the first quest in the Dwarf racial series.

Mav Boilfist, near the dock in Graystone Yard, needs some components to make a family recipe. She gives you a manifest, a list of items, and their approximate locations in the zone. You need to find three items, randomly chosen from this list:

  • 3CF0F: Under the small ramp east of the docks
  • 3CF1G: Leaning against the north-wall just east of the docks, near Tacklemaster Moyna
  • 2DF0F: Just north of most north-eastern building in Graystone, off the lip of the raised platform at 831, -21, -147
  • 4QGCG: Along the eastern wall, behind the Scribe's shop at 814, -20, -92
  • CC4QF: Just west of the harbor entrance, near the Mail Kiosk and Bowyer McGuiggen
  • QGC4F: Outside the bank at its western corner, piled between the raised platform and the wall at 930, -21, -102

Each location contains more than one container, only one of which has the item you want, so right click all of them to get the item.

Return to Mav to get your reward and be offered the next quest, Cheers!

Qeynos Villages
Quest Series
Race: Dwarf
Greystone Yard
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