Velium Coldain Insignia Ring  

Speak to Malidain Glacierbane at Icewell Keep 79, -278, 258 within Thurgadin, City of the Coldain to begin this quest.

  1. Go to Storm Gorge and kill 20 cavalry and 1 cavalry leader in The Battle of Storm Gorge public quest.
    • NOTE: This may have to be a heroic or raid difficulty public quest to get these mobs to spawn. (a full single group can spawn the cavalry leader, 5 epic x2 mobs)
  2. Return to Malidain in Thurgadin to complete the quest.

To begin the next quest speak to Marpa Coldbrow at -22, 1, -47 inside Tower of Frozen Shadow (x2 version).

ZAM would like to thank Tist, Warloque, Kreton, Ironcleaver and LordEbon for information on the 4th through 8th ring quests on the beta forums.

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