Frozen Pincer Chowder  

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Frozen Pincer Chowder
a sprig of halasian reeds
Min Coin: 12s, 2c
Max Coin: 13s, 3c
Frozen Pincer Chowder

Olga Macleod wants to enter her recipe for frozen pincer chowder into the New Halas City Festival cook off.

Halasian Reeds
Halasian Reeds

  1. I must collect a sprig of halasian reed for Olga.
    • This is collected from sparkling reeds found at the edge of the sea in the area of Erollis Dock around -379, 29, 182 .
  2. I must kill frozen pincers for Olga.
  3. Return to Olga with the items and she will cook her meal.

To receive your reward you must click on the large bowl that appears next to her.

Frostfang Sea
Quest Series

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