A Calling in the Forest  

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CategoryNektulos Forest
Started Bya disembodied voice
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Flesh Bound Tome

This quest, for access to Nektropos Castle, is no longer required but may be completed for experience and to unlock a Nektropos quest. It is initiated by examining a skeleton on the J'Rais Bridge at -258, 5, 222 (the bridge near The Commonlands).

After the quest initiates you must speak to Theeral the Nomad at -306, 0, 179 . He is found just north of the bridge.

Theeral the Nomad will give you the Flesh Bound Tome. You can read this book for information on the next step of your quest.

You must now visit Timber Falls ( 501, 27, -1519 ) . This is a waterfall that can be reached by swimming upstream on the river nearby. Swim until you reach the waterfall. The trigger point is on the left hand side of the waterfall, on land.

The next step requires you to reach the top of N'Mar's Ascent. The base of the steps is at -398, 1, -1235 . If you have invisibility and are level 20+ you may be able to invis past everything to reach the top without fighting. The top of the steps/trigger point is at -399, 59, -1296 .

The third step of the quest is to scout Bone Lake. The trigger point for this step is at -866, 141, -2148 .

Once you have scouted Bone Lake you can return to Theeral the Nomad. Theeral will inform you that you now need to kill a dragoon lieutenant in Nektulos, which are confirmed to be at the drawbridge at the Gul`Thex Citadel ( 697, 22, -707 ) .

The last stretch of the quest is to find three monuments near Nektropos Castle in the northeast corner of the zone. All of them are visible if you walk along the moat. Locations are:

  • -1483, 112, -1988
  • -1386, 112, -1689
  • -1586, 112, -1885

Now visit the shrine at -1571, 112, -1991 .

The final step of the quest is to walk up to the doors of the castle then speak to the Herald of Nektropos who will complete the quest.

Nektulos Forest
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