An Evening Jaunt  

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This quest is the fifth quest in the Goddess, Orb, and Void Quest Series quest line. It opens once you complete A Champion of the Koada'dal.

Talk to Rooleean Felodaan, next to the spires in Greater Faydark. He sends you to Lesser Faydark to speak to a Satyr of the Fugutr Tribe.

The Satyr in question is named Ignatios and is located at -527, -60, 412 towards the rear of the Thexian encampment. Ignatios needs your help to sneak out of the encampment, and in return he will tell you everything he knows about void crystals.

Once you agree, a 30 minute timer is started to return him to his encampment at 108, 14, -469 , at which point he tells of a Necromancer with a void shard and opens the next quest "Tracking Down the Necromancer". You will also be rewarded with 50,179 status .

A Champion of the Koada'dal Goddess, Orb, and Void
Quest Series
Tracking Down the Necromancer
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