Just a Jump to the Left  

CategoryThe Sundered Frontier
Related Zone:
Taglfitz's Lucky Flight Cap
Refulgent Gem of Critical Magnitude
Faction Changes:

  1. Remember Taglfitz Von Gearbender back at the spire? Go talk to him.
  2. Once done, return to Alim Dabir. He's still at 1939, -299, 3301 . Hail him.
  3. Watch what happens with sheer amusement, then hail him again to finish the quest.

Progression of the Arcane The Sundered Frontier
Quest Series
The City of Paineel
Arcana and Teleportation
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OOC The name of this quest is a reference to a line of the song The Time Warp from the musical and movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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