Big Game Hunting  

This quest is given by J.P. Feterman after you complete the Hunter's Tool quest. He asks you to acquire some components for him from the Commonlands:

  • Skull from a fierce carrion hound (near druid ring)
  • Tusk form a Plains Elephant (near Pride Lake or Dog Trapper Lake)
  • Horn from a Rhinoceros or a Bull Rhinoceros ( -488, -45, -602 )
  • Stinger from a Digger Wasp at -765.45, -61.50, -504.54 South of the Freeport Griffen tower. Also found near -636,-39,-442 .
  • Mining Pick from Bloodskull Masons ( -380, -48, 500 )

The reward is coin and experience. This also opens up the Grizzlefang's Mane quest.

A Hunter's Tool The Commonlands
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The Crossroads
Grizzlefang's Mane
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