A Hunter is Only as Good as His Tools  

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Small Bag of Coins
Min Coin: 19g, 93s, 2c
Max Coin: 22g, 2s, 3c
Armor for Bax
Spear for Bax
Faction Changes:

Bax gives you Small Bag of Coins to buy him some better armor and weapons in Jinisk

  1. Get a new weapon and armor for Bax in The City of Jinisk
    • Talk to Kriinz Nax ( 626, 37, -122 ) for the Spear for Bax
    • Talk to Braz Terrick next to Kriinz at ( 626, 37, -123 ) to get the Armor for Bax
  2. Take them back to Bax.
Bring Him Bax Kunzar Jungle
Quest Series
Kunzar Jungle Villages
Trials of Iksarhood
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