A Lack of Information  

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A Book of Gnollish Orders
Min Coin: 1s, 59c
Max Coin: 1s, 77c
Faction Changes:

This quest is given by Consul Bree in the Caves. It is part of the Caves progressional series.

You must first kill the Dustpaw Guards and grab the Book of Gnollish Orders from the tent they are guarding at 21, 5, -68 . Once you retrieve the book, right click and examine it. After this kill a couple more guards for an auto-update, which turns the book into a house item version, and then report back to Consul Bree.

Completing this quest opens two separate series: Hit Them Where it Hurts and An Explosive Idea.

Reinforcements Qeynos Villages
Quest Series
The Caves
Hit Them Where it Hurts
An Explosive Idea
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