Custom Fitted Armor - Part V  

This quest is given by Dyric Pire after you complete his fourth quest (see related quests). This time he sends you off to the Nektulos Forest to gather components. You must kill:

  • 12 Deadly Rumbleroots 52.0, 0.0, 94.0
  • 12 Rotting Followers of Grelkor -531.89, 60.46, -1,305.01
  • 10 Blood Shrillers
  • Thexian Vin Chosen -1,419.92, 32.98, -1,355.47
    • (Need a drop of Tier'Dal Greaves, mine dropped on first one I killed, so I don't know if that is all you need or I got lucky)

There may be another group of monsters that we are missing here. Need confirmation on this.

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