A Sleeping Stone: Great Beasts  

This quest is part 8 of 9 for the Fabled version of the Mystic-only Epic Weapon, Cudgel of Obviation.

  1. Takk sends you to speak to Elder truespirit Grossh. His altar is in the Feerrott at -611, 0, 158 . Right click it to zone into A Spiritual Pocket.
  2. Speak with Grossh, who sends you to gather the claws of four great beasts. These are all Spiritwracked creatures in Kunark (level 80^^^).
  3. A Spiritwracked Chokidai is in Kunzar Jungle around -362, 138, -423 .
  4. A Spiritwracked Sokokar is in Fens of Nathsar around -2116, -41, 1518 .
  5. A Spiritwracked Drake is in Jarsath Wastes near the The Temple of the White Lady around -2156.86, 185.11, 1439.77 .
  6. A Spiritwracked Drolvarg is in Karnor's Castle, so you'll probably want a group. He's at -135, -42, 50 .

After you have collected the four claws, return to Grossh to complete the quest.

You must also complete A Sleeping Stone: Restoring Valor and A Sleeping Stone: Dark Enlightenment before the final quest.

A Sleeping Stone: Dark Shadows Mystic Epic Weapon
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A Sleeping Stone: The Cudgel Of Obviation
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