Growing Pains  

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Silk Bandage
Silk Bandage Recipe
Min Coin: 29g, 85s, 79c
Max Coin: 32g, 94s, 88c

Make some bandages for your gryphon.

  1. You receive a Silk Bandage Recipe. Scribe it and collect the ingredients.
  2. Make the bandages at a Sewing Table (it's just one combine)
  3. Right click your gryphon and select "Bandage the forearm", then immediately hail your pet.

Shopping List

  • 1 Crystalline Spiderling Silk
  • 1 bamboo shoot
  • 1 ethereal filament

If you have not done all the side-quests yet: in 18 hours you can pick another training lesson for your griffawn!

If this is your final side-quest: Congratulations! Hail your gryphon pet and you will receive another "Quest Complete!" box where you can pick your new gryphon mount, as well as receive some more experience and money.

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