The Secret of Hak'Pyz  

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the Canopic of Hak'Pyz

Inspect the hidden compartment in the pool of the Priestess' Court at the epic tree ( -150,-10,107 ) . You now have 5 minutes to do the steps below. However, the timer tends to stop after the last switch is activated, leaving what seems to be plenty of time to return to the Censer.

The switches can be found as follows:

    1. Up the ramp across from the first pool on the left pillar ( -271,17,94 )
    2. On the right side of the building west of the pool ( -99,13,73 )
    3. Left side of the building with the dark elf ( -336,1,155 )
    4. Half way up the climbable wall right of the first pool ( -306,9,174 ) You may need to hop off the wall to stand on TOP of the switch for it to update.

  • Inspect the hidden compartment again
Undead Censership Peacock Club
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