Digging in the Dirt  

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Ozlem's Journal
a smashed voidcraft controller
an ancient helmet
large iron key
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Receive this quest from Kalaish Al'Rabin in Moonfield Hamlet. You must be at least level 85.

  1. Look for lost Clan Gragnar kobolds
    • Head to the path at -324, 387, 931 . Follow the caves until you receive a green message on the screen, around -579, 478, 891 .
  2. Find something which proves the existence of clan Gragnar
    • You must kill a Gragnar Hoarder at -562, 478, 946 and loot an ancient helm
  3. Head back to Kalaish Al'Rabin in Moonfield Hamlet and speak with him
  4. Find a lost scout Ozlem Fatar who never returned from patrol in the mountains
    • Head over to -174, 372, 928 to find Ozlem's body. Examine the body and recover his journal.
  5. Head back to Kalaish Al'Rabin in Moonfield Hamlet and speak with him
  6. Kalaish sends you to talk to Khaliq Keshalian at -473.52, 379.84, 657.97 next to Quel'ule.
    • Talk to the temporal guide to fly to Quel'ule
  7. Khaliq wants you to recover a stolen voidcraft controller from terrorfangs North of Quel'ule
    • You need to kill a terrorfang plunderpaw near -118, 270, 168 and loot the controller from him
  8. Head back to Khaliq Keshalian and he will ask you to activate 3 beacons
    • They are right near him at the following locations
      • -543, 376, 633
      • -141, 366, 718
      • -439, 388, 828
  9. Speak to Khaliq who will then use the voidcraft controller and fail, then speak to him once again to complete the step
  10. Khaliq sends you to the edge of the Cleft of Tranquility to use the controller.
    • Head up near 51, 447, 243 until you see a green message on the screen, then use the voidcraft controller.
  11. Go back to Khaliq Keshalian and he sends you to locate the source of the anomaly.
    • Head to the Gruengach Caves. The entrance is located at 370, 275, 165
    • You need to kill Xosith the Greedy near 124, 238, 295 and loot a large iron key from the chest he drops.
  12. Loot the chest at 283, 227, 78 to complete the quest


  • 86878 status 
  • Grimblade (choice between two versions)

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