Of Sentries and Scribes  

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CategoryPillars of Flame
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Staff of Sacrifices
Flamepriest's Focus
Short Bow of the Promised Land
Bow of the Pillars
Pouch of the Pillars
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This quest is given by Shing Ho after you complete the Sandscrawler Debacles quest.

You are asked to deliver a note to Fai Long. He is found southeast of the Scrawling Cliffs at ( 270.45, -83.47, -756.53 ) .

Fai Long will ask you to search for a skeleton which is at the base of the stream near him ( 288.62, -101.94, -732.89 ) . When you examine it you will be jumped by two level 56 v solo mobs or a single level 56 ^ mob. After that return to Shing Ho for faction and to receive the next quest in the chain.

Sandscrawler Debacles (Ashen Disciples) Pillars of Flame
Quest Series
Master's Plateau
Fallen From Beauty (Ashen Disciples)
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