Overlord Korkakth's Key  

Grants AA
CategoryClefts of Rujark
Started ByOverlord Korkakth's Key
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This quest is initiated by examining Overlord Korkakth's Key. This item drops when he is killed occasionally. Examining it opens this quest.

You must find the chest in the Treasure Room that the key unlocks.

You must first complete the quest "The Key of Coins" This quest is initiated by examining "A Fancy Steel Key". This key is dropped (body drop) by Captive Coin Laborers (2nd floor, first door on right is mob location) in the Clefts of Rujark.

You must find the door that this key unlocks in the Clefts of Rujark. This is at the upper levels (2nd floor) of the Clefts, in the Treasure Chamber at -4, +10, -195. Opening the doors will end the quest.

Once inside of the doors if you have any of the keys from the named mobs in the zone you will be able to unlock the respective chest and obtain the reward from that chest.

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