Ritsy Rewards  

  1. Ritsy needs you to "get rid of nasty beasts" in the lands above. These are all ring events with named creatures who spawn at the end of the event.
    • Aathwok the Winged Vanquisher (85^^) in Toxxulia Forest at 242, 150, 2852 . Kill the three wandering wyverns to spawn it.
    • Gimbuk the Toxic Thrasher (86^^), east of the wyverns up on the cliff at -31, 176, 2856 . Kill the 4 frenzied toxic kobolds to spawn it.
    • The Spiteful Glee (82^) at 1257, -18, 3831 . Clear the normal gazers (a stonegraft scoundrel) around that point to spawn it.
    • Joki the Bonepile (85^^^) in the Lair of Bone at 374, -60, 3624
    • Acklok the Crystal Duster (86^) at 1097, -295, 3381 . This is in the same cave as Ritsy. Clear the grimestone burrowers and 4 grimestone devourers will spawn. After clearing these Acklok will spawn.
  2. Return to Ritsy.
  3. Quell the rebellion in Demitrik's Bastion.
  4. Return to Ritsy who will become an 86^^^ attackable after some dialogue.
    • She has four 86^ guards.
    • She has a respawn of 5 minutes.
  5. Inspect her lucky string for the next quest.

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