A Missing Mask  

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Min Coin: 8g, 23s, 25c
Max Coin: 18g, 10c
The Book of Dolls
Guise of the Deceiver
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This is the heritage quest for the Guise of the Deceiver. It is initiated by examining a crate at -14.62, -12.91, -32.40 in the basement of Nektropos Castle. It requires you to be level 31+ and to have completed the Everling Lockets quest to gain access to the basement.

  1. Get the quest from down in the basement. Access basement through bookcase in Captain's Room, Level Two at 24,13.5,-40 . Try not to kill any Nyth Dolls if you can help it, you will need them later.
  2. Go to the basement under Elise's bedroom 56,14,75 , Billy should insta pop (and continue popping after you kill him, this is a bug but not related to the other spawns of billy which are separate and unaffected by this).
  3. Kill mobs in Gameroom and Chapel until you have Billy up in both spots. Also, keep killing "Swine" in the stable until you have Swinelord up. After you have Swinelord and Both Billy's up, kill Billy in the gameroom, but do not kill the Swine Lord yet. You will need him later in the quest.
    • Note: As of GU53, Billy will now auto-spawn when you enter the respective rooms on the correct step of the quest.
  4. Kill Billy in the Chapel.
  5. Go to the library (if you can't get in you might need to do the Boar's Head and Red Marble quests) and read a book in the secret area behind the bookcase (It's the book leaning against the coffin at -23, 13.5, 29 . It's written by Everling and he says, "the dolls I need always come to me in the courtyard".
    • So go down to the courtyard, the zone in area. Billy is an insta pop there and hailable. Do not double click, right click and hail or press H. The dialogue gives you two options either give him 5gp or yell at him. If you yell at him he agros and appears bugged because you can't kill him.
    • He tells you about the froglok ghost guy.
  6. Go to the jail and hail the Froglok Assassin -24,0,29 , he tells you to get something to soothe his soul, directions for this can be found on a scroll in the hidden area of the library again. You need three things for this:
    • 21 a doll of Nyth
    • Fiendish blood (this is a trigged 35^^ lamia which will probably agro you as soon as you leave the library, or shortly thereafter so be ready)
    • Kill the Swine Lord
  7. Go back to the froglok assassin and hail him. He depops at the end of quest conversation. If everyone finishes at the same time you're okay, if not just wait ten minutes for him to repop. So try to time your hailing so that you all do it at once.
  8. Froglok tells you to kill Malthus Everling and get the mask from the chest. To finish the quest you inspect the chest that's in the closet type area of the Everling Room 224, -17, 28 . You must kilil Everling to open the chest.

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