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Mana-Enriched Soil
Green Wisp Seeds
Water Flask
Min Coin: 1s
Max Coin: 1s, 18c
gardener's pouch
Mana-Enriched Soil

This quest is given by Vindain Greenfaith, who is located next to the Down Below entrance in Castleview Hamlet.

Vindain asks you to collect the following:

  • Green Wisp Seeds near Fountain of Valor around 773.75, -18.05, -107.57
  • Blessed Water from Fountain of Valor 770.83, -17.21, -113.57
  • Enriched soil from the barrel on the Northeastern corner of the armor shop 736.99, -13.79, -109.28

After collecting, return back to Vindain. This leads to the "Sowing Beauty" quest.

Qeynos Villages
Quest Series
Race: High Elf
Castleview Hamlet
Sowing Beauty
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