Grommulitz Everything Soup  

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Grungetalon spiced meat
goblin-prepared Kunarkian herbs
desert crawler insides
Min Coin: 36g, 79s, 48c
Max Coin: 39g, 88s, 53c
a goblin stewpot
Gigglegibber Soup Bowl

Game Update #46
Gathering Tempest
Live: June 17, 2008

I need the final components of Grommulitz' soup.

  • I need some fresh desert crawler insides. (5)
  • I need some Grungetalon spiced meat. (5) This can be all gathered from the same drop by harvesting the meat trough near 76,-16,-299 .
  • I need some herbs from the island of Kunark. (1) Gather a barrel of herbs at 101,-16,-110 .

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