Brother Pang's Trial: Combating Corruption  

This quest initiates with Brother Pang on the second floor of the Tower of Four Winds. In order to gain access to the second floor, you must complete The Balance of Nature and Mediate the Masters on the first floor.

Brother Pang asks you to investigate the unnatural menace terrorizing villagers in Mystic Lake.

  1. Travel to the Rotting Grounds section of the Mystic Lake at -186.53, -3.24, 134.79 and defeat Zeera the Thorned (a level 67^^^ heroic dryad fury). Once Zeera is defeated, you receive The Seeds of Corruption (a house item).
  2. Return to Brother Pang to advise him of your victory. Pang sends you to...
  3. Speak to Kuabu the Songkeeper who wanders in the Courtyard of Hope about 23.00, 14.73, -80.00 Kuabu sends you to...
  4. Speak to Hunra the Carver in Mystic Lake located at 220.45, -46.93, 338.16
  5. Hunra sends you to kill Pirate Keelkrush & Pirate Greenwhisker (level 67^^^) who wander the Gunthak Pirate Camp at 68.26, -39.01, 303.96
  6. If you now open your waypoints, you will have a listing for "X marks the pirate camp". Follow the waypoint to the pirate gang leader's hideout in the Direvine Wood section of Mystic Lake. -70.55, 9.63, 243.76
  7. Click on bushes to "search" and Pirate Prince Prawn, a level 68^^^ gnome, will be revealed. (The bushes spawn every 20 minutes approximately.) Hail Pirate Prince Prawn. Upon completion of the conversation he will become aggressive and attack.
  8. Return to Kuabu who wants you to go to the Forsaken City to find a piece of music.
  9. Go to the God of Knowledge section of The Forsaken City at -86.37, -46.44, -6.28 and touch the bookcase to spawn and kill the Delirious Lyricist (level 68^^^ Iksar bard).
  10. Return to Kuabu who sends you to the Sepulcher of Zan Fi in the old monastery in Mystic Lake at 13.91, -25.05, -9.45 . Zone in and fight 4 waves of level 67-70 heroic golems. The final mob is Kudzua the Tormentor (level 72^^^ dryad).
  11. After the Dryad is dead, click on the casket to receive the flute, and then use the flute to free the ghost.
  12. Return to Brother Pang to complete the quest and claim your reward.

Completion of this quest, along with Brother Lycabe's Trial: Knowledge Of A Lost City, provides access to the third floor of the tower.

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