Big Business  

Level100 (Scales)
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A Stack of Contracts
Min Coin: 3s, 62c
Max Coin: 3s, 69c
A Stack of Contracts

This quest has you run from one end of Neriak to the other making you visit all the guild houses and the tradeskill area. To start this quest, speak with Divton T'Szelyl at 40,18,-25 in Indigo Hollow, just inside the gates from Darklight Wood.

Originally this quest gave access to the Neriak teleporters. They are now publicly accessible, so you can use the teleporters to collect your signatures.

He sends you to collect signatures from the following shop owners:

  • Jhultyrr D'Vethiurden ( -60,16,400 ) - Seloxia Stronghold, at the south end of the Dockside Markets.
  • Tarven J'Oussana ( -156,3,241 ) - Inside Down Under.
  • Quilafein H'Tyhaduis ( -280,26,220 ) - At the Spires of Innoruuk.
  • Zezaghar D'Arkenth ( -690,18,245 ) - In the Library of K'Lorn, off the eastern side of Cristanos Plaza.
  • Kelryne V'Ziath ( -481,67,100 ) - 4th floor of Hall of the Ebon Mask, northwest corner of Cristanos Plaza.
  • Chalthara V'Zeraep ( -599,27,-47 ) - In Death Grotto, before the bridge to the Darklight Palace on the right.

Quest Series
Indigo Hollow

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