Host of Thyr. Act III: Reckoning  

Grants AA
CategorySolusek's Eye
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 12g, 57s, 51c
Max Coin: 12g, 79s, 82c
Title: "Champion of Drednever"
Choice Of:
Ak'Anon Divining Rod
Jagged Gear Fragment
Eznertob's Edge
Faction Changes:

This is the fourth in a series of quests by Ognit Eznertob in Solusek's Eye (+23, +15, -30). It is given after you complete the Host of Thyr. Act II: Corruption quest. You must:

  • Kill 16 Efreetis (Servants of Thyrs)
  • Kill a Fatespeaker of Thyr (+58, -360, +173 in the Speaker Room).

After this return to Ognit. You receive the suffix title Champion of Drednever, and your choice of weapons.

Host of Thyr. Act II: Corruption Solusek's Eye
Quest Series
Solusek Mining Company
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