Nektulos Creature Cataloging  

Grants AA
Level35 (Scales)
Started ByNekutlos Creature Catalog
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Nektulos Creature Catalog

This is a catalog quest. It is initiated by reading the book Nektulos Creature Cataloging. This book is sold by Distressed Merchants in Nektulos, after you rescue them, as well as a vendor in New Halas. You must catalog the following creatures in Nektulos:

  • I must find a soul leech
  • I must find a dusk dart
  • I must find a deathbloom treant
  • I must find a deathbloom bee
  • I must find a dusk leaper
  • I must find a cackling cadaver
  • I must find an immense tree snake
  • I must find a guardian mist grinnin
  • I must find a fireflight shriller
  • I must find a scrounging ghoul
  • I must find a rumbleroot (east of Blackwater Lake at -561.87, 0.57, -896.15 )
  • I must find a Sullian corruptor ( -703, 141, -2089 )
  • I must find a shadowed man
  • I must find an ash owlbear
  • I must find a motley kodiak -619.73 -0.67 -725.52

The reward is a furniture version of the book which you can place in your home.

Nektulos Forest
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