A Fistful of Metal  

CategoryKylong Plains
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ancient brick
Min Coin: 23g, 51s, 12c
Max Coin: 26g, 56s, 13c

Anda ( 1035, 165, -465 ) says there is good coin to be made in returning certain bricks that once belonged to an ancient iksar city. The ruins still stand near the docks in Kylong Plains.

an ancient brick
an ancient brick
  1. Search for an ancient brick on the outskirts of the ancient iksar city near the docks in Kylong Plains. Start here and move around Ryjesium Lake: 507.37, 1.08, -56.33 .
    • They can be found along the northern shoreline and in Ryjesium Lake. Collecting them break stealth.
  2. After you have 6 bricks you need to go to Teren's Grasp and try to sell them to Grave and Drazden.
    • Grave is near 2214, 480, -839 in Teren's Grasp.
    • Drazden is near 2054, 520, -981 in Teren's Grasp.
  3. Now you have to make good on the deal you made Drazden. Locate and burn a number of secret communiques that were placed by Grave's group, the Jaded Shrouds (actually, they are The Green Hoods).
    • drolvarg territory; inside a hollow tree at: 878, 23, -375
    • Crush and Swill Fort: 692, 286, -1133
    • near Krassik: -193, 81, -561
    • drachnid territory: 197, 62, 117
    • wyvern territory: -124, 36, 109
    • the Seeping Ruins: -1171, 13, -538
      a listening crystal
      a listening crystal
  4. Now make good on the deal you made Grave. Locate and destroy a number of listening crystals that were placed by Drazden's group, the Freedom Ambassadors.
    • Den of the Widow Mistress; Southwest corner of the first chamber to the right at: 478, 64, 176
    • Ru'Kaus; On the ledge outside the middle window at: 157, 111, 236
    • Varis; In the corner with the Marshall and the big ugly drolvargs at: -524, 173, 46 . You can blast it from the stairs and nothing will agro!
    • Temple of Gra'al Shul: ( -2041, 93, -171 ) You may notice a Drolvarg named Mob:Indigo] run past you leaving the temple. Don't worry, you will see him again later in this quest series.
  5. Return to Grave and Drazden
  6. They each want you to go to the opposing camp and "convince" them to stop interfering with their business. Of course, this means you are going to have to kill them all.
    • Freeport camp (The Freedom Ambassadors): 130, 8, -965 . Speak to Ambassador Raflin, piss him off and kill them all (Raflin plus 5 or 6 Freedom Ambassador pilgrims).
    • Qeynos camp (The Jaded Shrouds aka The Green Hoods): 397, 115, 341 . Speak to Toad, piss him off and kill them all (Toad plus 5 or 6 Jaded Shroud trailblazers).
  7. Return to Grave and Drazden for your payments.
    • Both of them warn you that they have heard that an assassin, named Colonel Leevan, is looking for you. One tells you Leevan may be found skulking around Dreg's Landing.

Return to Anda for the next quest in the series, For a Few Coins More.

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OOC The quest titles in this series are an homage to Sergio Leone's "Dollars Trilogy" of spaghetti westerns starring Clint Eastwood. This quest's title refers to the film, "A Fistful of Dollars".

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