Delivery from Sayer's Outfitters  

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Min Coin: 4s, 32c
Max Coin: 4s, 47c

This courier quest is given by Sighard Sayer in Antonica -720, -11, +239 . It is a multi-step delivery quest.

First order of business is to visit Duffy. He is just outside the city gates in Antonica.

Next you must visit Lord Quinn at the Keep of the Ardent Needle in Antonica. Lord Quinn will send you to the Ruins of Caltorsis to fetch some needles (how did you think the Keep got that name?).

Head to the Ruins of Caltorsis and examine the chest on the floor.

Now head to the Keep of the Ardent Needle (just east of the northern Qeynos tower) and speak to Lord Quinn. Then return to Sighard Sayer for coin and experience.

Battle with the Timberclaws Antonica
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Sayer's Outfitters
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