Hexed and Vexed  

CategoryLoping Plains
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Related Items:
Tormentil Leaf
Min Coin: 4g, 80s, 10c
Max Coin: 4g, 95s, 30c
Choice Of:
Humanity Sphere
Glorified Evoker's Sphere
Massive Sphere of Perfection Deflection
Rust Runed Barb

This quest is given by Ihriel the Sorceress, who is located in the village of Somborn.

It seems the animals in Somborn are ill, and Ihriel wants you to collect some items to help brew an antidote.

You must collect:

  • 8 Tormentil leaves (harvestables along "The Long Draw", a creek nearby from tormentil)
  • 4 Willowtip Bear livers
  • 4 Mandrake roots, which are carried by Bummer Gang gravecallers.

Return to Ihriel for your reward and to receive the next quest, Entering the Veil.

Loping Plains
Quest Series
Village of Somborn
Entering the Veil
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