Counting Their Blessings  

Game Update #61
August 25, 2011

Taker Researcher Aillena's Elemental Resonance Spectrometer and use it on several flying creatures in the area. All the creatures are very close to the cloud platforms.

Use the device on:

  • a nebulous haze on Cloudmist Isle, right next to Aillena
  • a drifting cloudmist on Isle of Awakening, southwest of the platform around 68, 178, 356 .
  • a Strifewing prowler on Isle of Desolation, south of the cloud platform around 360, 288, -543 .
  • a Blacktalon conscript on Blackwind Isle, east of the cloud platform around -375, 113, 275 .
  • a Windgazer lookout on Whisperwind Isle, at -556, -55, -421 up on a rock.

Return to Aillena, and she will give you the next quest.

The Sky's The Limit Fae and Arasai Flight
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Blowing In The Wind
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