Desperately Seeking Ants!  

Grants AA
CategoryThundering Steppes
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striped red ant
plain red ant
plain green ant
Min Coin: 11s, 40c
Max Coin: 11s, 67c
Large Collector's Pouch

This quest is given by Elowys Laceleaf after you complete the Desperately Seeking Moths! quest.

This time around Elowys will have you seek out three striped ants. These can be foraged in the Thundering Steppes and must be done one at a time. They can also be purchased from brokers.

The reward is a 14 slot container.

Note: You must bring these one at a time and cannot have the others in your inventory when you do the turn in. If you get there and you've got more than one, try selling the ones you don't need right now to a vendor, then buying them back after the turn-in.

Desperately Seeking Moths! Thundering Steppes
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