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Humble Altar of Solusek Ro
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Game Update #55
February 16,2010
Civean Il'Pernod has been relocated to the Highlands with GU55

This is the beginning quest of the Solusek Ro Deity series. It is initiated by speaking to Civean Il'Pernod ( 319, 188, 493 ) in Butcherblock Mountains under the Highland Griffon Tower. He will ask you if you want to pledge yourself to Sol Ro, and after answering yes, you will be marked as a worshipper. He explains that you must spread the flame of Solusek Ro throughout the world.

You first task is to light a candle from the torch immediately next to him.

Your next task is to light a torch in The Commonlands atop Lucan's Mount ( 18.53, -12.17, -738.3 )

Next, you're off to Nektulos Forest to light another torch on N'Mar's ascent. ( -367, 45, -1252 )

Next, you're off to The Thundering Steppes, to light another torch near Varsoon. It's on top of a boulder ( -692, 4.85, 687 ) .

The final torch that must be lit is in Antonica near Firemyst Gully. It is on top of a boulder again ( -1269, -1.13, 701 ) .

Next, return to Civean in Butcherblock. He will tell you that you must seek knowledge in either the Oracle Tower in Antonica, the Academy of Arcane Science in North Freeport ( 85, 7.30, -123.47 ) , or the Concordium in South Qeynos.

In the Oracle Tower in Antonica, the book can be found ( -1031, 27, -626 ) . In the Academy of Arcane Science, the book is on the top floor ( -1.57, 7.30, -123.73 ) . In the Concordium, the book is through the red teleporter, down the stairs on the desk ( 705.85, 42.31, 91.98 ) .

Once you have read "The History of Solusek Ro", return to Civean in Butcherblock once more to complete the quest and receive your reward, Humble Altar of Solusek Ro, and open up the next quest, Ro's Infernal Device.

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