Quelling the Rebellion  

CategoryWorld Event
Started Bya sealed note
Required Mobs:
an incriminating letter

This quest opens when you read the note that you receive at the end of the A Festering Problem quest. It reveals that you need to kill two spies:

  1. Jeth the Spy near Thieves' Way in East Freeport ( -121, -38, -22 )
  2. Infiltrator Kath is found in North Freeport inside the Jade Tiger Den ( -112, -11, -82 ) . Go to the top of the stairs INSIDE the building ( -115, -21, -87 ) and she'll spawn.

After doing this you will receive an incriminating letter. Examining this letter opens up the Eliminate Geraufl quest.

This quest is part of the Froglok World Event Quest Series, originally introduced to allow players to unlock the Froglok as a playable race.

A Festering Problem Froglok
Quest Series
Eliminate Geraufl
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