Fur Fetching for Fral (Flammable Fur)  

This quest is given by Fral Fipfoot -52.91, -65.15, -233.91 in the Splitpaw Den.

He asks you to gather four intact gnoll furs in the Drowned Caverns, so that he may fashion a disguise. These drop on the Underpaw Gnolls in The Drowned Caverns: Outer Grotto.
This zone is accessible through the Splitpaw Den at 45.55, -78.11, -225.41 . These gnolls are heroic mobs and are found underwater.

The reward for this quest is a mask with one charge of Gnoll Illusion.

He then sends you back to the Drowned Caverns to kill ten more Underpaw Gnolls.

After doing this the quest updates and asks you to find three scrolls, these are in the The Drowned Caverns: Flammable Fur instance, which is accessible at -17.53, 31.78, 12.22 in the Outer Grotto. They are located at:

  • -41.73, -1.13, -131.32 at the back of the zone
  • -137.66, 0.23, -129.8 by all the sleeping Garatch Nim overseers
  • -88.57, -0.66, -81.71 in the back of the Dreadsnout area

You must then slay the leader of this group of Underpaw Gnolls - Garanim Brewgullet --46.70, 5.67, 150.06.

This quest fulfills one of the requirements for the Darkened Shard quest.

The Splitpaw Saga
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